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Tech 20 Session 13

Author: GDhuyvetter

An Introduction to Social Networking Sites: I Don’t Have Space in My Life for Myspace, and I Can’t Face Facebook

May 15, 2009

Like them or hate them, social network pages like Facebook and Myspace have become a widespread method of meeting and communicating for students and for adults.  As teachers we don’t have to have our own Facebook pages, but it is important that we understnd this phenomenon so we can separate the hype and the hysteria from the reality and so we can give students and parents appropriate adbvice and direction direction.

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Tech 20 Session 12

Author: GDhuyvetter

Online Notebooks:  Now Where Did I See That?

May 7, 2009

This week we’re tying things together.  Taking the example of term paper preparation, I tried to show how search, social bookmarking, and social notbooking tooks are the essential building blocks of information management.  We looked at three tools: Ubernote, a relatively simple and plain vanilla system, Evernote, a very robust commercial product, and Zoho notebook, a full featured product with a weak clipping system.

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Tech 20 Bonus Edition

Author: GDhuyvetter

Not a full presenttation, but I  heard a great podcast yesterday from Cnet’s The Real Deal discussing multiple-location computing.  

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Many of the tools we have discussed at the Tech 20 sessions (including some from the coming week’s session) are mentioned here.
It’s a great way to continue thinking about anytime/anywhere computing.