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Tech 20 Session 10

Author: GDhuyvetter

Alternate Browsers: Why You Would and Wouldn’t Want to Use Them

April 23, 2009

I almost always pick my topics before I think I want to say about them (actually I write the titles first). It seemed that computer literate  people should know about different browser options, but I had to think a long time to figure out why this was important to me and to others.  

We are moving from an OS-centric world to a browser-centric one.  More and more of our work is done online.  Therefore the choice of browser is as key or more than the choice of a computer.  The browser is where we work, where we read and where we connect with others…it should be a comfortable fit,

This session discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the big three operating systems.

PowerPoint Slides



My apologies, the video for this week is one of the worst I’ve done.  I’m barely in the frame at all, but it’s possible that you may enjoy this better.

Tech 20 Session 10 from Greg Dhuyvetter on Vimeo.

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NCEA Workshop April 15, 2009

Author: GDhuyvetter

Wonderful group for the presentation, despite being opposite the keynote.  Here are the PowerPoint (actually they are Open Office) slides that I used that day.

To Tech As Jesus Did 4-15-09 Anaheim   

Thanks to all who were there.  I’d be happy to respond to any comments or questions.