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Tech 20 Season 2 Session 9

Author: GDhuyvetter

Organize Your Browser with Symbaloo

Given that more than half of our computing time is spent on Internet sites, organization of our bookmarks, feeds, and tools is vital. is a great way to organize and customize your browser desktop, a desktop that is available to you on any computer you use.

Here is the Prezi from the session, though there isn’t much detail here

Here is a short video I created illustration the basic setup and navigation of the Symbaloo page.

Symbaloo, Your Power Pack to Internet Efficiency from Greg Dhuyvetter on Vimeo.

Tech 20 Season 2 Session 7

Author: GDhuyvetter

Nothing Up My Sleeve, Prezi!

Prezi is an exciting alternative to PowerPoint, using the power of the web and flash animation to group ideas as a mind map for use as a support for lecture or as a presentation of ideas.

Today’s Prezi

Tech 20 Season 2 Session 5

Author: GDhuyvetter

The Lost Episode

Well, the video of this session didn’t work at all, and the PowerPoint Slides didn’t make much sense with out the narration, so I guess I’ll have to make this session the Lost Session