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Tech 20 Season 2 Session 9

Author: GDhuyvetter

Organize Your Browser with Symbaloo

Given that more than half of our computing time is spent on Internet sites, organization of our bookmarks, feeds, and tools is vital.  www.symbaloo.com is a great way to organize and customize your browser desktop, a desktop that is available to you on any computer you use.

Here is the Prezi from the session, though there isn’t much detail here

Here is a short video I created illustration the basic setup and navigation of the Symbaloo page.

Symbaloo, Your Power Pack to Internet Efficiency from Greg Dhuyvetter on Vimeo.

Tech 20 Season 2 Session 8

Author: GDhuyvetter

Wordle:  A Fertile Skill to Hurdle

Wordle helps us to look at words in a new way.  It’s simple and incredibly addictive.  Try it today.

Links for today:  delicious.com/gdhuyvetter/wordle

Prezi used in the presentation